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IMPP terms of sale for training sessions open to multiple companies


IMPP is a professional training body whose registered address is 121 avenue des Champs Elysées, 75008 Paris, France.
IMPP develops, offers and provides group face-to-face training courses to employees of companies, that can in some cases be followed by individual coaching (the “IMPP Services” or the “Services”).


These general terms of sale (the “T&Cs”) shall apply to orders for IMPP’s multi-companies training courses placed by any trade client (the “Client”).

When a Client places an order with IMPP, this implies the Client’s full and unfettered acceptance of these T&Cs. The Client may not invoke any contradictory general or special terms as prevailing over these Terms of Sale, unless these are formally approved in writing by IMPP, regardless of when they were brought to its attention. The fact that IMPP does not avail itself of any of these terms of sale at any point in time shall not be interpreted as being tantamount to a waiver of the right to avail itself of same subsequently.

The Client hereby warrants that all its employees, representatives and agents shall comply with these T&Cs.

The Client also acknowledges that, prior to placing any order, it was able to benefit from adequate information and advice from IMPP and was accordingly able to ascertain the suitability of the services on offer to its requirements.


3.1. Description
The provisions of this article concern training provided to employees of different companies at the premises of IMPP or on premises made available by IMPP. For the coaching option, the premises must be made available by the client.

3.2 Financial terms and conditions
The training services provided by IMPP are to be paid for upon registration, in cash, to IMPP, without any rebate for early payment.
All the prices are quoted before tax and must be incremented by VAT at the prevailing rate.
The price of any course or cycle that is begun shall be due in full.

3.3 Replacement of a participant
Clients may replace a participant who cannot attend a training course by another participant with the same profile and the same training requirements.

3.4 Shortfall of the number of participants in a session
In case of a shortfall of the number of participants that jeopardises the viability of staging a training course, IMPP shall be entitled to defer the session up to one week prior to its scheduled date, without any compensation.
The access confirmation e-mail


4.1 Contractual documents
For each training action, an agreement drawn up in accordance with the prevailing laws shall be sent out in duplicate, one copy having to be returned by the Client bearing the company seal.
A certificate of presence may be provided on request for each person involved.

4.2 Payment by a French OPCA body
In case of payment by the body in charge of gathering the financial contributions of enterprises towards their training obligations (French acronym: “OPCA”) that the Client is affiliated to, the Client must issue a request for payment to the OPCA before the start of the training course. The OPCA’s agreement to finance the training action must be notified upon registration, on the copy of the agreement that the Client signs and returns to IMPP. In case of merely partial funding by the OPCA, IMPP shall bill the difference to the Client directly. Should the OPCA’s agreement to finance the training action not reach IMPP by the first day of the training action, IMPP shall be entitled to bill all of the training costs to the Client.

4.3 Cancellation of training and coaching actions by the Client
The dates of the training actions shall be firmly booked. The following compensation shall be due should the Client cancel a participant’s presence in a training action:
– deferral or cancellation notified at least 30 working days prior to the session: no compensation;
– deferral or cancellation notified between 15 and 29 working days prior to the session: 30% of the fees due for the session shall be billed to the Client;
– deferral or cancellation notified less than 15 working days prior to the session: 70% of the fees due for the session shall be billed to the Client.


5.1 Terms governing the placing of orders
An offer of services shall be deemed to have been accepted immediately when IMPP receives the registration form signed by any duly empowered representative of the Client.
The signature of the registration form implies awareness and irrevocable acceptance without reservations of these terms and conditions, which may be modified by IMPP at any point in time, without notice, without such modification giving rise to a right to compensation for the Client.

5.2. Invoicing – Payment
5.2.1 Price
All the prices shall be quoted in euros before tax. They shall be incremented by VAT at the prevailing rate. Any taxes, customs duty or import tariffs, as well as the bank costs incurred in connection with the payment method used by the Client shall be borne by the latter.

5.2.2 Payment
All payments shall be made at the time of registration, save in case of financing by an OPCA.
IMPP’s liability shall not exceed the price paid by the Client for any given service.
IMPP hereby disclaims liability for any indirect damage such as loss of data or files, loss of operations, loss of sales, loss of earnings, damage to a party’s image or reputation.

5.3. Force majeure
IMPP hereby disclaims liability should it not be able to perform its obligations due to force majeure. The following shall, among other things, be considered as circumstances of force majeure or acts of God, in addition to those that are usually recognised by the case law of the French courts: illness or accident affecting a consultant or other person in charge of running a training action, internal or external strikes or labour unrest, natural disasters, fires, new, supervening laws or regulations, breakdowns in the telecommunications services, interruptions in the supply of energy, interruptions of any communication or transportation networks, or any other circumstance beyond the reasonable control of IMPP.

5.4. Intellectual property
IMPP is the sole holder of the intellectual property rights over all the training courses that it offers its Clients. Therefore, all the educational content and media, whatever the medium on which they are dispensed (on paper, electronic, digital media, or verbally, etc.) used by IMPP to provide the training actions, shall remain the exclusive property of IMPP. They cannot in any way be used, processed, altered, reproduced or exploited in any way, whether internally or externally to the Client, without the express authorisation of IMPP. The Client undertakes in particular not to use the content of the training actions to train persons other than its own personnel and shall be liable for any unauthorised transfer or disclosure of this content, based on the provisions of articles L. 122-4 and L. 335-2 et seq. of France’s Intellectual Property Code.
Any reproduction, showing, modification, publication, transmission, distortion of all or part of the content of IMPP’s training courses shall be strictly forbidden, whatever the process and the medium used. In any event, IMPP shall remain at all times the sole owner of the tools, methods and know-how that it shall have developed.

5.5. Confidentiality
The parties each undertake to keep strictly confidential all the information and documents concerning the other party, whatever the nature thereof, be it economical, technical or commercial, that they may have access to in the course of the performance of the contract.

5.6 Communication
The Client agrees to be cited by IMPP as a client of its services, at the expense of IMPP. Subject to complying with the provisions of article 7.5, IMPP may mention the Client’s name as well as an objective description of the nature of the services that are the subject-matter of the contract between the parties, in its lists of references and in proposals issued to its current and prospective clients, meetings with third parties, internal management documents, and wherever this might be required by statutory, regulatory or accountancy provisions.

4.7 Applicable law – settlement of disputes
These general terms and conditions are governed by French law. Should any dispute arise between the Client and IMPP in connection with the performance of the contract, the parties shall seek an amicable solution, and failing this, the dispute shall be brought before the courts of Paris, France.

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