Parcours et expérience client omnicanal

Omni-channel Customer Experience and Path to Purchase

A selection of questions from our clients to which our expertise in this area has delivered solutions


How can we create omni-channel paths to purchase to harness greater customer loyalty?

What shopping missions should we target by format?

How can we deliver on the brand promise in each category?

How can we enhance the customer experience? What indicators can we use to measure this experience?

How do we connect and align all the teams around this customer experience project?

How can we develop the customer experience in the e-commerce channel to complement the physical point-of-sale experience?


In which shopping missions are our products or brands included?

How can we increase touchpoints without investing more?

How can we better manage the more digitalised customer experience?

How can we create a retail experience for our category that aligns with the needs of our customers and brands?

How do we build stronger brand attachment through the shopper path to purchase?

What can we do to make our distinct product benefits stand out at the points-of-sale (on and offline)?