IMPP puts the emphasis on the return on investment (ROI) of the four Ps—product, price, plan and promotion—in an approach that suits your budget, challenges and culture to come up with targeted and affordable solutions. We equip you with tool-driven processes and plug-and-play solutions. We do this by forging strong partnerships with software publishers, market research companies and designers to guide you through all these ROI-driven processes.
For retailers, IMPP is well versed in defining complete paths to purchase for each of your categories and creating the evidence-based experience to deliver along the path to purchase. The key to a winning customer experience is a multi-disciplinary approach and perfect consistency between the brand platform’s promises and the factual background delivered to each point of contact. In order to make this customer experience concrete, IMPP co-founded BLENDX, a group of expert consultants with operational capabilities in data marketing, CRM and digital, change management and brand platforms complementing our own core expertise.
IMPP helps its clients catch its strategies and commercial activations up with the digital revolution. We understand the omnichannel path to purchase and all its implications. E-commerce strategies. What digital tools do you require to understand, attract and convert shoppers more effectively?
With IMPP, the approach is adapted to new sectors, from a drugstore, selective distribution and non-food to B2B, restaurant & catering and SMEs. It’s not just the heavyweights who get to leverage category management.
IMMP shifts Category Management from a simple driver-centric to a strategic and highly operational approach. Building your Category Vision: business strategies to drive category growth over a three-year period, using storytelling to align internal teams and your customers around the same goals. What makes IMPP unique is its capacity to shore up any existing approach by bringing a strong shopper dimension in the early stages (growth drivers) and later stages (operational solutions) to your project. Operational Category Management: equipping and upskilling sales teams to execute compelling category plans at points-of-sale.
IMPP takes a systematic approach to place the shopper at the centre of your business development challenges and regularly shares its expertise in its publication Category Shopper Management, post scripted by Intermarché’s chair of the board.
IMPP helped Intermarché implement its Category Management strategy. First client collaborations — Danone, Pepsico, Henkel, Ferrero and others, developing the practices and organisation of their teams. First international clients in association with the Quantic Group. Set up the “Journées du Catman” [Category Management Days] with Stratégies and the “Ateliers Catman" [Cat Man Workshops].
In partnership with ECR, IMPP delivered training on Category Management best practices to a mixed intake of trainees from retailers and manufacturers including Cora, Coca-Cola, Carrefour and Procter & Gamble. IMPP, clear on its intent to deliver services to retailers and manufacturers, steps up its collaborations taking on its first clients from the retail sector including Michèle Kerrad (Carrefour), Philippe Dubost (Système U), Nathalie Mesny (Carrefour), and Yves Marin (Casino).
Serge Cogitore created IMPP, the first consulting and training company specialising in Category Management, after discovering the approach in the USA through its founder, Brian Harris. He went on to promote the subject throughout Europe via ECR and published the first industry reference book on Category Management.